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Backup all Google products using “Google Takeout”

Google one of the most popular technology service providers in the world, Google offers various kind of services for Individual and business like searching, emailing, cloud computing, storage etc..People are using these service and a point of time they need to backup. Nowadays google offers more than 25 services all over the world and people almost using around 10 services.

Google makes the backup process easy, fast and user-friendly to take backup all Google product at once using “Google Takeout“. Google currently supports following products to take backup are listed below.

1. Google Plus
2. Blogger
4. Calendar
5. Chrome
6. Contacts
7. Drive
8. Fit
9. Google Photos
10. Google Play Books
11. Google+ Circles
12. Google+ Pages
13. Google+ Stream
14. Groups
15. Handsfree
16. Hangouts
17. Hangouts on Air
18. Keep
19. Location History
20. Mail
21. Maps (your Places)
22. Panoramio
23. Profile
24. Searches
25. Tasks
26. YouTube

So let’s start with step by step backup google product with “Google Takeout“.

Step 1: Sign in using Google Email ID and Password
Step 2: Click on
Step 3: Choose the products you wants to take backup.

Backup Google Takeout

Step 4. Choose backup output setting as per comfortable with you and click “Create Archive“.

Backup Google Takeout

Step 5: Wait till backup process finished. It will take a long time if you selected multiple products. (I select only one product for example show to you.)

Backup Google Takeout

Step 6: Download backup file. You can also check backup in future using “Manage Archive”.

Backup Google Takeout

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