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Transparent image background for various kind of purposes.

Sometimes you need to remove image background, In this case, you have to need to some specialized software to do this. You can do it easily with software like photoshop, but photoshop not provides a free version. You do not need to buy software for small kind of task. You can do easily with free and open source software, Well I suggest you a free and lightweight software “”.

So let’s start with an example and learn step by step how to make transparent image background.

Step 1: Download and install on your machine.
Step 2: Open image in

Picture Background Remove1

Step 3: Select “Magic Wand” from Tool Box

Picture Background Remove2

Step 4: Point “Magic Wand” to image background area and press “Delete” key.

Picture Background Remove3

Step 5: Repeat step 4 till all image background area removed.

Picture Background Remove4

Remove all image background area.

Picture Background Remove5

Step 6: Save as Image.

Picture Background Remove6

Step 7: Leave on the default setting.

Picture Background Remove7

Step 7: See the result.

Picture Background Remove8

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