Compress file more than 90% for free and fast

Compress file more than 90% that helps you in email attachments, storage, and fast file access.

There are various types of file compression software available in the market and each software claims for high compression. Some software paid and some are freeware.

Think if you get free for lifetime, secure and fast.

I going to talk about an open source software that is fast, secure and free for lifetime, that name is 7-zip.

So let’s see how 7-zip file compress file more than other compression software. Firstly you download and install this software on your machine according to your machine specification.

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1. Original file size.


2. Start compress with the .zip format.


3. After compress with the .zip format.


4. Start compress with the .7z format with 7-zip.

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5. After compress with the .7z format with 7-zip.


See the result in front of you.


Using this technique you can make you work easy and increased production.


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