Compress Images Size Using Microsoft Paint

Wants to compress image size? Trying so many methods and fails, try this technique. No need to download any costly software. A simple trick compress using “Microsoft Paint


This is a unique technique.

Reduce image files size up to 90%.

Why I need it?

Sometimes we need to compress the image size to very less for various reasons like upload on the website, for the profile pic, for applying for Job, for filling online forms for various purposes.

Some website having fixed rules for image upload, rules contain like image dimension, size, pixels, etc….

In this case, you bound and make an image like a website requires, in this case, you need an image editor to compress and reduce image file size.

How to do it?

some image editor is paid version and some image editor is freeware, most of the image editor not able to do it.

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Now the question is how does it, without any extra software installation, I give you step by step solution for this.

I have a JPEG image file: IMG_4919 and file size: 7.49 MB

Now we are going to compress image size.

compress images size

Simply follow these steps.

  1. Click Start
  2. And then click Run or press the key with combination  Windows Logo+ R
  3. Type mspaint or pbrush and then click OK.
  4. Open the image in Paint

compress images size

Next step

  1. Make any changes in the image.

compress images size

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Next Step

  1. Rollback (undo) all changes press CTL+Z
  2. Click the “File” menu and choose “Save as” your image.

compress images size

Next Step

Finally, compare image size

compress images size


Old Details: Image file: IMG_4919 and file size: 7.49 MB
New Details: Image file: IMG_4919_New and file size: 1.64 MB

You can see as a result of how image size reduced.

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Hence, this technique very helpful, sometime when a website specific requirement, the image must have low size and you try all methods to reduce, finally try it, believe me, it works.


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