Control And Manage Email In Gmail With Smartly

You can now Control And Manage Email In Gmail With Smartly and Effectively Way by using Google filter and blocked addresses feature.

Gmail provides the variety of email management feature and provides a better way to manage and control email. Today we discuss this featured named “Filters and Blocked Addresses“, Let’s start to learn step by step…

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1: On your laptop or desktop computer, open Gmail and sign in with Gmail username and password.
2: In the top right corner, click the Settings icon Google Settings
3: Click Settings from the menu.

Gmail feature 1

4: Click the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
5: Click the “Create a new filter“ button.

Filters and Blocked Addresses

6: Set the filter as per your requirement and convenience.
>>From: Put email single email addresses by comma separated or if you want to control full domain then type the only
>>To: Same as a form section, manage and control “To” recipient.
>>Has the Words: Create the filter by any word that matched with email.
>>Doesn’t have: vice a verse of “Has the words“.
>>Has attachment: Only apples on email which contain an attachment.
>>Don’t include chats: Ignore chat emails.

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7: After enter filter details click on “Create filter with file search

Filters and Blocked Addresses

8: You can also apply labels on the filter.
>>You can directly mark an email as Read.
>>You can directly mark an email as Star it.
>>Apply the label.
>>Also apply a filter to matching old emails.

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Filters and Blocked Addresses

9: filter created and show list.

Filters and Blocked Addresses

10: See filter created with label effect.

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Filters and Blocked Addresses

11: You can also block a sender.

Filters and Blocked Addresses

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