Delete Previous Build Updates From Microsoft Windows OS

Delete Previous Build Updates From Microsoft Windows OS proper way using Disk Cleanup.

Update windows regularly is a best practice for keep safe yourself from worldwide hackers, spammers, and various kind of virus. In the worldwide daily create a thousand new Virus, Spammer, Trojan, Malware, and Spyware that could make your system most harmful and leak your personal and private data.

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Microsoft committed for security so company almost on daily basis detect these kinds of threat and release the update and new windows build for Windows OS.

Keep in mind updating your windows and safe, no need to update daily but make a habit of updating windows within two weeks, if not possible then must have to update at least within a month.

When Windows update finished then windows left behind various of files because Windows creates a restore point and provide rollback feature in anyhow.

If you are not satisfied with the update or update not work properly or after the update, you realized installed software not working properly then you can rollback to previous windows state.

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If you realized after update windows update or new build working well then you have no need to keep stored previous Windows version on your machine because of its captured unnecessary large space on your disk and slightly slow your operation and task you performs.

So you can delete these files from your machine.

Delete Previous Build

Don’t try via “Delete” or “Shift+Delete” command because files will be delete but registry entry still active and create the problem for your machine. So you can delete it the proper method that safe for your machine.

Let’s start to delete previously build updates step by step method in the proper way.

Step 1: Press Key with combination  Windows Logo+ E
Step 2: Go to “My computer
Step 3: Right-click on “C:” drive and select “Properties” as the image shown below.

Delete Previous Build

Step 4: Click on “Disk Cleanup” and wait till Windows calculate the files.

Delete Previous Build

Step 5: Click on “Clean Up System Files“.

Delete Previous Build

Step 6: Wait till Windows calculate the files. It will take a few minutes.

Delete Previous Build

Step 7: Choose files you wants to delete as shown below.

Delete Previous Build

Step 8: Confirm files delete.

Delete Previous Build

Step 9: Confirm the last warning after that windows start the cleaning process.

Delete Previous Build

Thanks for reading this article. Hope this article helpful for you.

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