How to email forwarding POP IMAP in Gmail

In this section, you will learn more about email forwarding, POP, and IMAP in the easiest way with Gmail.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. The Gmail is the most popular email service compared to other service providers like AOL, Yahoo, etc..

Why Gmail?

Google Gmail provides the variety of functions to manage and control emails.

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So, have quick look on Gmail forwarding and POP/IMAP

  1. Go to the Gmail setting.


2. Add email address you want to forward emails to another email address.


3. Click on Proceed to confirm.


4. Get a verification code in the email.

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5. You must have to enter verification code to activate email forwarding, you can any time stop forwarding by remove email address.


A Sample verification email looks like this.


Similarly, you can also access email via POP or IMAP.

What is POP?

The Post Office Protocol (POP) is an application-layer Internet standard protocol used by local e-mail clients to retrieve e-mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection.

Some POP feature listed below.

  • Downloads message off the server to the mail client and can be configured to delete the messages off the server, save them on the server for a specified period of time or leave them indefinitely.
  • POP is fast and Downloaded onto the local device, unless ‘keep a copy on the server’ selected.
  • It’s working in one-direction – Changes made on the device have no effect on server content.
  • Mails can be read offline once downloaded; device only needs to go online to download email.
  • Next Step how to configure POP?

Use this Configuration instructions to step by step.

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What is IMAP?

Internet message access protocol (IMAP) is one of the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval.

Some IMAP feature listed below.

  • IMAP, a newer protocol, synchronizes messages and folders between the mail client and the server which can be especially useful working on multiple computers and devices.
  • It also keeps track of message status and conveniently synchronizes messages as read or unread across all connected computers and devices.
  • IMAP working slowly as compare to POP, Bi-directional – Whatever changes you make on server or device, the other side shows the changes too.
  • The Mails downloaded can be read or deleted when offline. Changes made on the device are synced with the server when the device goes online.
  • Next Step how to configure IMAP?

Use this Configuration instructions to step by step.


As a result, using these techniques you can configure Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.. email client to manage email in your own way.


You can also enjoy the extra feature of third-party software with google.


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