Gmail Features Series | You Must Know – Part 1

Gmail Features You Must Know Part 1, In this section, you will learn all about General Tab features in Gmail settings.

Nowadays Gmail one of most popular email sending program all over the world because of security, speed, smoothness, uptime, reliability, simplicity, lots of free space and hassle-free interconnectivity with other Google product to each other. Gmail provide some cool feature for better user experience. So let’s start to know.

Step 1: Click on the Setting “Icon” and click on “Settings” in the menu.

Gmail feature 1

Step 2: Click on the “General” Tab.

Gmail feature 2

Google “Gmail” General Tab Feature details:
1. You can select Gmail display language in own language as you like. (ex: English,
Russian, Italian, Hindi, etc..)
2. You can also enable input tools for writing a mail in other languages.
3. You can choose Right to left editing as per your convenient.
4. You can choose default country code of phone numbers for storage and calling.
5. You can control conversion per page and contact per page as per your convenient.
6. You can control image showing on incoming email, it’s helpful to save data packets.
7. You can control default mail send behavior to one to one reply or reply all.
8. You can set default mail writing templates according to your own style. You can set font style, font size, text color, etc…
9. You can control conversion view for emails, ex: If you communicate somebody then email its incoming email and your outgoing mail appears like a chat conversion.
10. If you have also a Google+ account then you can control who can send you mail directly from Google+.
11. Choose “Send and Archive” as per your choice.
12. You can also undo send mail after sending it, click on enable button and choose to undo timing, Gmail mail hold your mail after sending till seconds you selected.
13. You can manage and categorize you the email by marked as Star.

Gmail feature 3

14. You can also enable email desktop notification.
15. Gmail also support for Keyboard shortcuts, for speed up email operations.
16. Choose button labels as Icon or Text.
17. Choose profile pic, note: your profile pic always set to public for all Google products and visible to everyone.
18. Shows people widget (profile pic) when typing email id.
19. Auto contacts add when sending mail to new email id.
20. You can choose here ads preferences and interest-based ads category.
21. You can design here your signature, it will display automatically when writing a new mail.
22. You can choose here personal level mail indicator to identify mail send only to me or mail send by my contacts or not.

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Gmail feature 4

23. You can choose mail Snippets as you like.
24. Vacation responder, If you are going to vacation then you can set here auto-reply for incoming emails to inform sender to you are currently not able to communicate. You can customize and design as you like.

Click on “Save Changes” button.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope this article helpful for you.

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