Gmail Features Series | You Must Know – Part 3

Gmail Features Series You Must Know Part 3, In this section, you will learn all about “Inbox Tab” features in Gmail settings.

Gmail allow us variety of feature to manage email, choose inbox type and mail display priority order like Important first, Unread first, Starred first and Priority Inbox.

You can choose to inbox as per your email reading habits and convenient.

Choosing these inbox types you can make the email handling experience to the next level and do more productivity with email.

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1: Click on Setting “Icon” and click on “Settings” in the menu.

Gmail feature 1

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2: Click on “Inbox” Tab.

Gmail Inbox

3: Click on “Inbox” type which is best suited to you.

Let’s discuss in details.

Default: The default inbox organized email category wise like Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, Include starred in Primary.

Important First: Displays important emails on Top of the Gmail window. As per the previous email, action decides which mail important for You or not. Gmail also marked the email with a yellow icon to notify you, this is an important email.

Unread First: Displays Unread emails on Top of the Gmail window. Once you read mail then email automatically moves in the reading section.

Starred First: Displays Starred marked emails on Top of the Gmail window. if you already made your important mail as starred it display top of Gmail window.

Priority Inbox: Displays only priority emails on Top of the Gmail window. Your previous email action decides which email show on top of Gmail windows as a priority email.

Inbox unread count: Shows email count on the section.
Importance markers: Choose an important email marker, if it’s not suite you, You can disable it.
Filtered mail: Filter override filters or not. if you have already created a filter for manage email.

4: And finally click on “Save Changes“.

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Gmail offers you a variety of advanced function, that increase your emailing experience.


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