Undocumented Trick Use Google Drive As File Converter

Google provides the variety of apps, tools, web extension and software that easy your work, increase the productivity and save time. Google Drive one part of it.

Nowadays Google Drive one the most popular cloud base online file storage system, Google drive also allow too may feature that you can create, edit, share files directly in the cloud and you can easily access from anywhere from the app or the web.

You can also connect apps like Whatsapp and more apps for backup purposes.

Google drive initially provides 15 GB of space for file storage and backup, after full utilization you have to need to buy more storage from Google.

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1: On your laptop or desktop computer, open Google Drive and sign in with Google username and password.
2: Upload files that you want to convert and wait till upload finished.

Google Drive as File Converter

3: Right-click on the uploaded file and select Open with>>Google Sheets. 

Google Drive as File Converter

4: Go to the file menu and select Download as>>Microsoft Excel or you wanted.

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Google Drive as File Converter

5: Wait till file download complete.

Google Drive as File Converter

6: After file download successful, you can delete uploaded files.

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Google Drive as File Converter

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