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Send big size files over the internet – it’s 100% free…

There are several methods available to send the file over the internet. The very popular is and as email attachments. this is good but not working every time when you need to send .exe (executable) file or big size file via email attachment. its can struct your email system, but email attachment has limitation to send files, some email provider supports up to a 25MB email attachment. 

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Sometimes we need to send a big size file for various purposes. So as we discussed email attachment, not a good idea for in case of big files. So next option is to use any third party cloud storage to send files. In the market, there is some popular cloud storage available to store big files like Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive etc and share their links for download.

Before sending the file on these sites make sure your files encrypted with a strong password for security.

There is more list below you can use to send big files.

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