Upcoming version of Android

Wants to know all upcoming version of Android. The Android operating system most popular than other mobile operating system. We are always excited and waiting for Android update for the new feature and security enhancement, Google has developed so many version of Android till date and always think what next and what new in Android OS in future? The list includes the first charter of Android version name. There is some alphabetic (A, B, C, D…) pattern in Android version name so we could easily find what next name of Android future version start with..., ready to know Let’s start… Alpha Beta Cupcake Donut Eclair Froyo Gingerbead Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich Jelly Bean KitKat Lollipop Marshmallow Nougat O Guess name(Oreo) release may be between...May 2017 to June 2017 P Q R…
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System Information

Windows OS
Get Complete System Information or Machine Information, Using DOS command. Let's start... Sometimes we need to know system information for various purposes, there are several methods and technique are listed below, using these techniques you could find a system or machine information completely in the easily way. Few techniques are listed below. Technique 1: Using DOS a command "systeminfo". Technique 2: Using Right-click on "My Computer". Technique 3: Using Device Manager "devmgmt", execute it from DOS or go to My Computer property and select Device Manager. Technique 4: Using DirextX. Lets discussed in details about above techniques. Technique 1 Step 1: Click Start. Step 2: and then click Run or press key with combination  + R Step 3: Type cmd or command and then click OK. Step 4: Type "systeminfo" and press enter button. that…
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